Compressor Solutions for Idle Reduction & Climate Control

Low-Voltage SolidSlot™ Compressor Drives Duryea’s standard* 12/24/28 volt scroll compressor drive is a universal solution for vehicle electric air conditioning. This American-made unit is built with a low-core loss, 95% efficient SolidSlot™ brushless motor, which ...
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Electric Motor-Driven Hydraulic Pump Drives

Duryea motor/pump sets are based on SolidSlot™ brushless motor/generators and their wound stator counterparts.  Brushless motors enable vastly improved hydraulic systems, with high efficiency, reduced mass and operating cost, as well as greater performance, flexibility ...
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Power Electronics

Buck/Boost Regulator Duryea’s brushless motor/generators employ an electronic commutator, used in the same manner as a brush DC machine. Unlike a brushless amplifier, the integrated electronics don’t provide speed control or current limiting. As a ...
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Fuel saving, ultra high-efficiency brushless alternators for charging batteries and powering accessory drives. Designed to meet rigorous standards for defense, commercial automotive and aerospace industries. Can be paralleled for additional power. High-Efficiency Alternators   | 14VDC/280A ...
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Electric Supercharger

Duryea’s 24V electric supercharger is a hybrid technology comprised of a high-speed SolidSlot™ LM5 brushless motor, centrifugal blower and proprietary power electronics. It's compatible with 12V or 24V automotive electrical architecture and conventional engine management ...
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