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Electricity from Biogas

The MODE Power System: A Better Biogas Generator Set for Anaerobic Digesters The MODE (Modular On-Demand Energy) Power System is ...
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Performance and Motorsports

Innovative and revolutionary, the Duryea Centrifugal Electric Supercharger debuts this year as the culmination of extensive research and product development ...
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Diesel Trucking and Transport

  Duryea offers hybrid-electric idle reduction, emissions control and natural gas conversion solutions for the commercial trucking industry through partnerships with fleet ...
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Brushless Motor Solutions for Aerospace

Duryea Technologies’ brushless motor products are designed to meet the rigorous standards of the defense and aerospace industries. An established ...
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Hybrid Heavy Equipment and Work Vehicles

Duryea Technologies is meeting the increased market demand for the hybrid-electric transition of heavy equipment and work vehicles with high-performance ...
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Fleet Idle Reduction and Emissions Control

Smart Fleet Management with Duryea's Fuel Saving Solutions Duryea offers affordable hybrid electric solutions for public transit, commercial and municipal ...
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