Fleet Idle Reduction and Emissions Control


Smart Fleet Management with Duryea’s Fuel Saving Solutions

Duryea offers affordable hybrid electric solutions for public transit, commercial and municipal fleets to manage fuel costs as well as achieve compliance with anti-idling and emissions regulations. Fleet managers interested in any of the following Duryea products are welcome to contact us in order to be directed to the appropriate distributor.

Duryea partners with fleet equipment OEMs, distributors and retrofitters. Licensing and engineering support are available for integration at high volume.

Duryea Brushless Compressor Drives
  • Low voltage electric air conditioning for compliance with anti-idling regulations.
  • Proven performance and rapid cooling in hot climates.
  • High-quality durable brushless motors for heavy-duty applications.
  • Fuel savings and excellent return on investment for fleet vehicles that require cooling while parked, including police cars, prisoner transport and K-9 units, school and public transit buses, as well as ambulances.

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Duryea SolidSlot™ Hydraulic Pump Drives
  • Maximum flow with minimum current
  • Fuel-efficient, hybrid electric non-parasitic steering power for large vehicles such as school and public transit buses.
  • Optimal hybrid solution for fire truck ladders, man lifts, or any vehicle with hydraulic accessories requiring idle mitigation.

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Duryea Electric Supercharger
  • The low-voltage Duryea electric supercharger is a cost-effective method for superior diesel particulate emission control and performance boosting at low engines speeds with turbocharger spooling.
  • Operates independently of the engine
  • Acceleration assistance and increased fuel efficiency for city buses, fire trucks, and other heavy vehicles
  • Performance enhancement for police cruisers.
  • Highly beneficial for increasing performance in natural gas fleets.

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Brushless Alternators
  • Small-package brushless alternators are power dense for higher output and reduced engine load.
  • Can be paralleled for additional power.

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