Hybrid Heavy Equipment and Work Vehicles


Duryea Technologies is meeting the increased market demand for the hybrid-electric transition of heavy equipment and work vehicles with high-performance low-voltage compressor drives, hydraulic pump drives, and electric superchargers, all of which operate independently of the engine, as well as high-efficiency alternators.

Duryea partners with fleet equipment OEMs, distributors and retrofitters. Licensing and engineering support are available for integration at the manufacturing level.

Duryea Electric Supercharger
  • The low-voltage Duryea electric supercharger is a cost-effective non-parasitic method for superior diesel particulate emission control.
  • Additional benefits include increased performance and turbocharger spooling.
  • Performance boosting at very low speeds for all vehicles.
  • Low-end torque for off-road construction and mining vehicles.
  • Acceleration for dump trucks, garbage trucks and other heavily loaded vehicles.
  • Highly beneficial for increasing performance in natural gas vehicles

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Duryea Brushless Alternators
  • Small-package brushless alternators are highly-efficient for lower engine load.
  • Can be paralleled for additional power.

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Duryea Brushless Compressor Drives
  • Standard Duryea SolidSlot™ Compressor Drives 12-24V systems provide 7,500-30,000 cooling capacity for compliance with anti-idling regulations.
  • Proven performance and cabin comfort in hot climates.
  • High-quality durable motors for heavy-use applications.
  • Eliminates extensive idling for cooling in heavy equipment, construction vehicles, armored cars, and bucket trucks.

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idle-reduction-hydraulic-drives-in-bucket-truckDuryea SolidSlot™ Hydraulic Pump Drives
  • Maximum flow with minimum current.
  • Non-parasitic steering power for heavy vehicles.
  • Optimal hybrid solution for bucket trucks, platform lifts, cherry pickers or any vehicle with hydraulic accessories requiring idle reduction.

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