Diesel Trucking and Transport

Duryea offers hybrid-electric idle reduction, emissions control and natural gas conversion solutions for the commercial trucking industry through partnerships with fleet equipment OEMs and distributors. Licensing and engineering support are available for integration at high volume.

Duryea Electric Supercharger
  • Operates independently of the engine
  • The Duryea Electric Supercharger is an industry-leading solution for diesel particulate emission control.
  • Additional benefits include low-speed performance enhancement and turbocharger spooling
  • Highly beneficial for increasing performance in natural gas vehicles

More information about the Duryea Electric Supercharger

Duryea Alternators
  • Small-package brushless alternators are highly efficient for lower engine load.
  • Can be paralleled for additional power.

More information about Duryea Brushless Alternators

Duryea Brushless Compressor Drives
  • Standard Duryea SolidSlot™ Compressor Drives provide powerful cabin cooling capacity at low-voltage for compliance with anti-idling regulations.
  • Proven performance in hot climates
  • Duryea compressor drive technology is available to manufacturers of refrigerated and frozen transport systems.

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Duryea Brushless Hydraulic Pump Drives
  • Non-parasitic steering for buses and trucks

More information about Duryea Brushless Hydraulic Pump Drives

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