Brushless Motor Solutions for Aerospace

brushless-motors-in-aircraftDuryea Technologies’ brushless motor products are designed to meet the rigorous standards of the defense and aerospace industries. An established supplier to the light-aircraft and small-jet market for two decades, Duryea creates inherently safe low-voltage solutions.

Key applications, such as no-idle air conditioning, electric turbo blowers, electro-hydraulics, and high-power, high-efficiency alternators minimize maintenance and operational costs for virtually any aircraft.

More about Duryea’s advanced brushless motor technology

Duryea Technologies manufactures all motors at its facility in Reading, PA, utilizing a predominantly local and US supply chain for maximum quality control.  Please contact Duryea Technologies with your requirements and view the complete standard product line for additional information:

Duryea Brushless Compressor Drives

Duryea Brushless Hydraulic Pump Drives

Duryea Electric Supercharger

Duryea Alternators


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